Turkey has once again opened up for usage of Youtube, after a 2 month ban. Streamio has been working without problems during this ban, which has been confirmed by our Turkish users. 

Most people look on Youtube as a video network, when it is more a social media of user generated content, with users, follower, groups, comments and other elements that is not always allowed in all countries.

With the Streamio platform it is easy to distribute movies both via the Streamio player for sharing on websites and newsletters, AND via Youtube as well. Since the Streamio player works in places where Youtube has problems (such as China and until recently Turkey among other countries), it is ideal to use as a base for your video communication.

With Streamio it is also easy to share on Youtube and other social networks, in order to not miss out on the crowd found there.

Our usual recommendation is to use both Streamio and Youtube. Youtube has massive numbers of viewers, but you might prefer to have your own website equipped with the Streamio player to get a streaming experience that is more solid and to reach regions where Youtube is blocked or is having performance issues.


Streaming Live - Birdie 24 Web-TV

Streamio Live is used for Birdie 24 in Uppsala - massive live streaming of produced video, gaming and network cameras in several channels with a tailor-made player featuring embedded “second-screen” functionality signed Rackfish.


Video encoding for Streamio - 2014 - Campaign hosting by Rackfish

Streamio in Turkey!

In recent days, due to political turmoil, Turkey decided to shut down YouTube access for their population. This is not the first time social media are shut down in different countries, for different reasons.
Fortunately, Streamio service is fully functional in Turkey according to our users there, as it is in other entities where YouTube isn’t, such as Pakistan, China, etc.
Using YouTube as a primary vehicle for video marketing might not be the best alternative, especially in markets that might be subject to censorship. In Germany, for instance, YouTube has not been working fully since 2009 due to a rights litigation. A smarter way of using YouTube is to use Streamio as the primary vehicle for marketing, and from Streamio upload the video files to YouTube
That way, when embedding the video file on a webpage, it will be Streamio’s servers that are used to play the video, not YouTube’s, but the videos are available on Youtube as well for the users that exist within that ecosystem.
We like to say that Streamio is a video platform, while Youtube or Facebook are channels suitable for some distribution, but not all. With Streamio you can choose your distribution!

Your videos available faster!

One of the steps before videos become available on the Streamio platform is encoding. The first step is uploading the movie to our servers, after that the movies are encoded, which is the process of making different versions of the movie available, tailored for specific use cases, such as computers and mobile. This step requires a lot of  capacity and when a lot of jobs are delivered, they are queued.

Last week we introduced a new encoding cluster, based on Rackfish high performance managed servers. After extensive testing with this system running in parallell with the original Streamio encoders we have now done a full release.

The benefits for you as a Streamio customer are faster handling of your videos, making them available for your viewers in less time. The speed increase will show on single videos with speed increases from 57% to 82% according to our tests. When uploading multiple files it will be even more evident with more parallell computing capacity as well as nodes being freed up faster due to speed improvements.

The total capacity improvement of the encoding cluster is 183% which will give you significantly faster video availability.

Try uploading a new movie to test the encoding cluster today at Streamio.com OVP - the smart online video platform!

For more information about Rackfish server hosting, please visit www.rackfish.com

We would like to wish all our customers a very Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all our customers a very Happy New Year!

Streamio acquired by Rackfish AB!

Today, we are proud to announce to our customers that Streamio has been acquired by Rackfish AB, one of Sweden’s leading campaign hosting providers.

Through this acquisition, Streamio and Rackfish will gain a market leadership position in the Nordic hosting and video streaming industry.

"Streamio has been one of the most innovative Video-on-Demand (VOD) providers in the Nordic market. They have always been extremely customer-centric and their online service has enabled anyone to publish and distribute HD-quality Video on websites, corporate networks, mobile devices and in social media channels with ease", says Johan Olde, Chief Executive Officer at Rackfish AB.

"As Streamio now becomes a part of Rackfish, we will be able to join forces and provide all clients with an unparalleled selection of professional services, ranging from simple Video-on-Demand solutions and Live Streaming to integrated global hosting solutions."

For more information on the acquisition, please contact Johan Olde, Chief Executive Officer at Rackfish AB, by email (johan.olde@rackfish.com) or phone (+46 70 614 44 49).

New Secure Publishing options in Streamio

Many of our customers wishes to restrict access to their video content to a select group of viewers, such as co-workers, customers or partners.

Today, we are pleased to offer new and more flexible Secure Publishing options for these customers.


Secure Accounts” can now be created with either of the following options:

Secure Domains

Secure Domains is a new feature that restricts access and viewing of video content to one or more specific domains (i.e. www.mydomain.com) or subdomains (i.e. http://subdomain.mydomain.com).

This is particularly useful for customers with one or more password-protected sections of their website which is only available to select users, such as co-workers, partners or paying customers.

Secure IP

Secure IP is a feature we’ve had for some time now and it restricts access and viewing of video content to one or more specific IP-addresses (t ex

This is particularly useful for customers with a local Intranet or corporate network that wishes to restrict access and viewing of video content to co-workers located in the office (or who have logged in on the corporate network through a VPN-connection).

Wanna give it a try?

Creating a “Secure Account” is very simple – just register a new trial account (free of charge, of course) and select the kind of security that best matches your needs – Secure Domains or Secure IP.

All content uploaded to this new secure account will only be accessible and viewable when published on one or more domains/subdomains (or IP addresses) that you have specified in your “Account Settings”.

Secure trial accounts, just like any trial account on Streamio, can be upgraded at any time.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support.

Streamio goes Social…!

We are very happy to announce the addition of a number of new features that we believe will be highly appreciated by anyone who wishes to manage their Online Video content more effectively:

Publish your videos in social media channels
We have updated the Publish-section and now made it possible for anyone to publish any individual video to all the most important social media channels – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


With a single click, anyone can now publish an update to one or more social media channels from within Streamio and attach any video uploaded to their account. This way, your videos can be distributed in more channels and thus reach a much greater audience than if you only publish your videos on a single website or YouTube channel.

We have also added more options to those of you who would like to upload videos to your existing YouTube channel. You are now able to add your own custom tags, select categories, and much more.

Smart Video Analytics across all Channels
We have also updated our Video Analytics section, so that you are now able to easily track and see in which channels your videos have been published and how many views each channel have generated.


This creates an awesome opportunity for you to test and see which channels and social media actually respond most favorably and effectively to the video content you publish.

For those of you who want more in-depth data and analytics, we have made sure that you still have the option of connecting your Streamio video players to your existing Google Analytics account.

We hope you will love these new features as much as we do. We will add many more channels in the near future, so make sure you check back in here on a regular basis!

New Subscription Plan - Streamio START

As of today, a brand new subscription plan is available – Streamio START.

We are often contacted by companies and organizations that just have a couple of videos they would like to publish on their websites and only expect a few hundred or maybe a thousand monthly visitors to view these videos each month. Streamio START has been designed to meet their needs.


Streamio START is the perfect subscription plan for customers with modest monthly storage and transfer needs. However, Streamio START includes all the same awesome features available in our other subscription plans:

  • the ability to publish videos on any website and in all major social media channels, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Smart Video Analytics, that not only tells you how many people have watched your videos, but also lets you know in which social media channels they’ve been viewed the most.

Streamio START is the perfect alternative for anyone who is serious about leveraging the power and effectiveness of online video, but want to start out on a small scale.

Should your storage or monthly traffic needs increase over time, you can easily upgrade your account to meet those needs too - at any time and at your convenience.  


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