Improved Youtube-sharing

One of the advantages with Streamio is that – from within itself – it is possible to share videos directly to social media like YouTube. You can also publish to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and take advantage

of these social network’s features as well as having a “clean” Streamio movie published on the own company webpage or in a mailing.

We have improved the functionality in the YouTube sharing with some new features. You are now able to share video files:

Under Privacy Settings you can choose whether the video that has been uploaded is public (anyone can see it), unlisted (only people with

an URL to the video can see it), or private (a list of users defined by you directly on the YouTube webpage) can see it. These can consist of Google+ names, Google+ circles or specific people (email addresses).

Under Allow Comments you are able to allow comments, allow moderated comments where you accept them before they go public, or simply disallow comments altogether.


If you check the Allow Rating box, you allow users to rate your video.

The comment functionality is especially important since not everyone has the resources to monitor yet another social network and bad comments can be left unanswered. 

Live streaming from remote areas without electricity and internet connections requires generator van and 4G/LTE bonding. We split the video streams between four different 4G adaptors from two different providers and then reassemble them again in our datacenter. Read more at

Live stream provider - Streamio Live!

Since Streamio was acquired by Rackfish, we are now also a live stream provider, under the brand name Streamio Live! And of course with the low pricing Streamio customers are used to!

Our live-streaming platform can handle everything from local streaming in Sweden - through an optimized network, to international streaming. Our technology is self-healing and chooses constantly the one of our internet providers that delivers the best performance to the viewer - all based on technology from Noction that we are the first in Scandinavia to use, not only among live-streaming providers. 

The plaform can stream live to all normal clients, Android, IOS and html5 as well as flash clients. We can convert incoming live-streams to different formats and make the outgoing stream adaptive, meaning it will adapt itself to the viewers bandwidth. 

Special functions such as the possibility to rewind in a live stream, let all viewers see the transmission from the beginning - with the possibility to fast forward to the live transmission, recording live video for our VOD (video-on-demand) Streamio. We even offer white-label solutions for those who want to base their live-streaming on our services, but under their own brand. 

An area where we have specialized the last few years is streaming from network cameras, where a fixed, weather proof camera can transmit live during years. 

Another area is low-latency streaming, streaming with very little delay - which is important in some transmissions such as games or interactive installations where the delay between the live action and the live-stream cannot be too big. An example of streaming with network cameras and low latency can be seen here

Contact us for more information about live stream delivery on +46 18 181800

Systems engineer position open!

Rackfish is a creative high-tech company, specialists in campaign hosting. Incidentally, we also run Streamio!

We design technical solutions that ensure availability, security, dependability and delivery! We take complete responsibility for the hosting and work both with web servers as well as video streaming, CDN, etc.  Due to us having a very professional workforce, we are able to offer our customers the right support on the first call! 

We work together with our mother company Phosworks in very nice offices on the top floor of the Uppsala Castle. 360º awesome views!

We work with many leading agencies and brands, both in Sweden and internationally. Read more about our customers here

We are now looking for a tech-wizard!

In your work you will deploy servers with both Windows and Linux (with an emphasis on Linux). You should be able to install and configure databases and set up websites with and without SSL. We often use LAMP, but we have installations with node, nginx, lighttpld, tomcat, IIS, Microsoft SQL, redis and mongodb - to name a few. Knowledge of load balancing is desired. 

We work a lot with streaming, both live and video-on-demand. Knowledge of Wowza, different CDN and tecnlologies like RTMP/HLS/HDS are desired. 

We run our environment on VMWare vSphere with Equallogic storage on a Cisco network.
Knowledge about ip-networks/vlan and routing (ospf/bgp) is good, since we are multihomed with connections to several providers of transit and peering contract. Read more about our technical platform here

Knowledge of provisioning tools like chef and puppet are desired. 

The job includes handling of mail support, phone support and work with clients of very different levels of knowledge: from easy e-mail support questions to trouble-shooting load balancers.

Fluent written and spoken knowledge of Swedish and English is required.

This job requires on-duty schedule, where you will act on automatic alarms, incoming emails and phone calls regarding urgent problems. 

You don’t have to know all technology or all software mentioned above, as long as you are willing to learn and makes us even better at what we do.

We like to hear new ideas on how we can improve our workflow, routines and product portfolio.

Please send CV and salary requirements to:

How to avoid mistakes live streaming a campaign

What are the most common problems when live streaming a campaign? How do you avoid making mistakes? Read how to set up a workgroup for live streaming a campaign and how to make it work!


Turkey has once again opened up for usage of Youtube, after a 2 month ban. Streamio has been working without problems during this ban, which has been confirmed by our Turkish users. 

Most people look on Youtube as a video network, when it is more a social media of user generated content, with users, follower, groups, comments and other elements that is not always allowed in all countries.

With the Streamio platform it is easy to distribute movies both via the Streamio player for sharing on websites and newsletters, AND via Youtube as well. Since the Streamio player works in places where Youtube has problems (such as China and until recently Turkey among other countries), it is ideal to use as a base for your video communication.

With Streamio it is also easy to share on Youtube and other social networks, in order to not miss out on the crowd found there.

Our usual recommendation is to use both Streamio and Youtube. Youtube has massive numbers of viewers, but you might prefer to have your own website equipped with the Streamio player to get a streaming experience that is more solid and to reach regions where Youtube is blocked or is having performance issues.


Streaming Live - Birdie 24 Web-TV

Streamio Live is used for Birdie 24 in Uppsala - massive live streaming of produced video, gaming and network cameras in several channels with a tailor-made player featuring embedded “second-screen” functionality signed Rackfish.


Video encoding for Streamio - 2014 - Campaign hosting by Rackfish

Streamio in Turkey!

In recent days, due to political turmoil, Turkey decided to shut down YouTube access for their population. This is not the first time social media are shut down in different countries, for different reasons.
Fortunately, Streamio service is fully functional in Turkey according to our users there, as it is in other entities where YouTube isn’t, such as Pakistan, China, etc.
Using YouTube as a primary vehicle for video marketing might not be the best alternative, especially in markets that might be subject to censorship. In Germany, for instance, YouTube has not been working fully since 2009 due to a rights litigation. A smarter way of using YouTube is to use Streamio as the primary vehicle for marketing, and from Streamio upload the video files to YouTube
That way, when embedding the video file on a webpage, it will be Streamio’s servers that are used to play the video, not YouTube’s, but the videos are available on Youtube as well for the users that exist within that ecosystem.
We like to say that Streamio is a video platform, while Youtube or Facebook are channels suitable for some distribution, but not all. With Streamio you can choose your distribution!

Your videos available faster!

One of the steps before videos become available on the Streamio platform is encoding. The first step is uploading the movie to our servers, after that the movies are encoded, which is the process of making different versions of the movie available, tailored for specific use cases, such as computers and mobile. This step requires a lot of  capacity and when a lot of jobs are delivered, they are queued.

Last week we introduced a new encoding cluster, based on Rackfish high performance managed servers. After extensive testing with this system running in parallell with the original Streamio encoders we have now done a full release.

The benefits for you as a Streamio customer are faster handling of your videos, making them available for your viewers in less time. The speed increase will show on single videos with speed increases from 57% to 82% according to our tests. When uploading multiple files it will be even more evident with more parallell computing capacity as well as nodes being freed up faster due to speed improvements.

The total capacity improvement of the encoding cluster is 183% which will give you significantly faster video availability.

Try uploading a new movie to test the encoding cluster today at OVP - the smart online video platform!

For more information about Rackfish server hosting, please visit

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